Zipato RFID Keypad + RFID Tag

265.00 lei TVA inclus

The Zipato RFID Keypad combines RFID technology with Z-Wave and offers various possible applications due to numeric keypad and RFID tags / cards as well. Use it for example to “tell” your smart home that you&rsquore leaving home. In this case push the “Away” button and hold the RFID tag in front of the keypad. Thus you can switch off all lights and stand-by device in your home by automatic scene. Of course you can arm your security system, too.

The door was closed accidently behind you and you don&rsquot have the key with you? As of now that is no longer a problem for you. Thanks to PIN code combined with a Z-Wave door lock you can open the door.

The RFID chips / cards will login to your smart home center with theirs unique ID number. Thus RFID chips or cards are the ideal substitute for a key – visitors, contractors or craftspeople gain admission to your home for limited period.

Scope of Delivery:
RFID Keypad
1x RFID Tag
Adhesive Tape
2x AAA Batteries

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