Waiting for your move

SWIPE provides you with unlimited possibilities to control home devices. Just give it a wave.

Designed to impress

SWIPE – exceptionally functional, extremely beautiful. Check it out.

or white?

Click to see the difference

High quality & the best precision

Micro USB or battery powered

Intuitively easy-to-use

Setting up and using SWIPE are very simple.
Move your hand and see what happens.

Clever usability

In addition to multimedia capabilities, SWIPE can be used as a beautiful picture frame.

Fits everywhere

SWIPE always finds its place in the home and easily fits the design of any room.

A magic switch

SWIPE can be placed in less conventional places: under a desk or hidden in the wall.

Hidden underneath

SWIPE works through a tabletop! Make one magical gesture and change your world.

On the wall…
or in it

Click to see the difference

Full safety

You no longer need to touch any switches with wet hands to dim the light in the bathroom for example.

When your hands are full of dirt…

You want to wash them without making more of a mess. Simply make one move and water will begin to flow from the faucet without touching it!

Access to your secret place

SWIPE gives you this in its magical way. As you can see, you can use it in many amazing applications.

Control sound by the wave of your hand

Louder, quieter, next song, bass boost…a simple gesture gives you full control over the music.

Reaches where your hands can’t

Make a simple move of the hand to close the skylight and close the blinds.
Magic? No, it’s SWIPE.

This is how children’s dreams come true

One simple movement of the hand can change the intensity of the light and turn on the music – anything you want! You can make their dreams come alive!

Wave goodbye

Leaving the house? With a wave of your hand you can to close all windows, turn off the lights and close the door.


SWIPE prepares your house for the evening. One gesture can turn off the lights, draw the blinds and turn on the alarm.