Ideal for the smart control of light and its intensity, of household appliances and safety against break-ins.

Discount 15%

Protect your family with video monitoring, safety devices against fires, floods and break-ins. The smart control of sockets, household appliances and lights.

Discount 10%

Conceived for controlling smart houses or villas, full protection, control of lights, household appliances, windows, sockets, etc. Long term power saving and total security against fires, break-ins or floods.

Discount 10%

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    • Vera Lite Controller
    • Fibaro Universal Dimmer 500W
    • POPP Shuko Socket
    • PhilioTech 3 in 1 Sensor
    •  365-day warranty
    •  Technical support – online or on the phone
  • FULL
    • Fibaro Home Center 2 Controller
    • Fibaro Flood Sensor
    • Fibaro Smoke Detector
    • Fibaro Universal Dimmer 500W
    • Fibaro Door/Window sensor
    • Fibaro type E Sockets
    • Simple Fibaro Relay
    • Vision Wireless Siren-Alarm
    • Foscam Inside Wireless IP Video Camera
    •  365-day warranty
    •  Technical support – online or on the phone
    •  Advice and system preconfiguration