Control everything

Any device in your home can be controlled. Without modifying anything in the house, without a handyman, without cables or dirt. Wherever you are!

Your smart home is safe

The motion detector detects dangers, knows the temperature and brightness of the room or the garden, knows the ideal level of CO2, can even turn off your child’s lamp after they fall asleep. It’s your magical eye keeping your smart home safe.

Floods are a thing of the past

How many times have you flooded your home? Don’t worry about that anymore. You install flood sensors and, in case of danger, you can even turn off the water from the supply pipe. All through the simple touch of a button on your smartphone.

Scared of fires?

Not anymore. The smoke detector sends the alert to your phone instantly. Besides the fact that it’s discreet and looks extremely well, it eliminates the risk of losing your most valuable possessions.

Your smart home

You can configure the Home of the future system in every room, as you wish. Use your imagination. Adapt your smart home to your behaviour and habits. Watch this video to better understand.